The lion is undeniably one of the most exciting and sort after animals in the Kruger National Park. As with all wildlife, there is no guarantee that you will see all of the animals that you have on your bucket list, but if you plan your trip properly, and if you know where to go, you can greatly increase your chances of seeing what you have come to see

Lions have always lived in this part of South Africa and with the abundance of grazing animals, lions can often be seen near to the camp. There are a few pridesliving in the area, and if you don’t spot them during the day, you are sure to hear them at night when the world is quiet and you are settling in for the night.

Of all the cats in the Kruger, the lion is the most social and they are the biggest cats in the park. Living in large prides, the lion family unit is dominated by the females, who do most of the hunting while also looking after the cubs.

You could not be at a better camp if spotting lions areyour goal. Satara is definitely the place to be.


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