Satara Rest Camp Satara Rest Camp

Satara Rest Camp

Kruger National Park.
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Satara Rest Camp

Kruger National Park.
from R760per night
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Camping is one of the best ways to experience the rustic aesthetic of the park. Satara is well known for its exceptional camping grounds,

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Ideal for anyone not keen on camping, Satara has one of the biggest selections of bungalows. The more popular bungalows include

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Guest Cottages


Satara is the perfect camp for family holidays. The guest cottages are ideal for holidaying families.

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While the guest cottages are more than just a little comfortable, the guest houses available at Satara.

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A guide to Satara Rest Camp.


Satara is one of the busiest camps in the Kruger National Park. The camp is situated towards the middle of the park and it offers some of the best game viewingin the Kruger. The bush around the camp is open and the area is well known for its nearby lion populations. The camp has a communal style layout and the accommodation is diverse and includes bungalows, guest houses and plenty of camping space

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Some of the camp basics that you can expectwhen you book your stay at Satara includes:

  • A restaurant and a grocery shop.
  • Braai and picnic facilities for day visitors.
  • A petrol station.
  • A swimming pool along with a play area for children.
  • A Laundromat for overnight guests

Satara is about 48km away from Orpen Gate and about 120km away from Phalaborwa Gate

The History of Satara Rest Camp

Long before the founding of the Kruger National Park, an Indian surveyor was working through the area, using his theodolite to measure marker poles and writing down his calculations from boundary to boundary. No one knows his name but it is because of him that Satara has its name. Working as a part of a team of surveyors measuring out the dry, wild land of the Lowveld, with the aim of creating farms, once he had completed the measuring of the area that would become Satara, he wrote down the Hindi word for 17; Satra.

Thankfully, Satara never became farm number 17. Instead, before the land could be cultivated, Paul Kruger set up thefoundation for what would become the Kruger National Park. Today, Satara is the third biggest rest camp in the Kruger and it is one of the busiest camps hosting both day visitors and overnight guests

While it doesn’t have a memorable historical background, Satara has more than made up for that by building its reputation for being one of the best camps for spotting wildlife.

Satara is known as the “cat camp” as it remains the best camp to visit if you have the hope of seeing lions, leopards and cheetahs. The area around the camp is incredibly fertile and the lush grass attracts all kinds of antelope, the perfect meal for the big cats of the park. The best place to spot the cats is in the Muzadenzi area.Satara has had a very rustic history, with most of its accommodation and facilities beingvery basic. Over the years the camp has enjoyed a full makeover, making the accommodation more modern and offering more convenience to all the guests passing through.

Satarahas everything an overnight guest could want and it is perfectly situated to be your base for self-drives to other areas

Where the Lions Roam

The lion is undeniably one of the most exciting and sort after animals in the Kruger National Park. As with all wildlife, there is no guarantee that you will see all of the animals that you have on your bucket list, but if you plan your trip properly, and if you know where to go, you can greatly increase your chances of seeing what you have come to see

Lions have always lived in this part of South Africa and with the abundance of grazing animals, lions can often be seen near to the camp. There are a few prides living in the area, and if you don’t spot them during the day, you are sure to hear them at night when the world is quiet and you are settling in for the night.

Of all the cats in the Kruger, the lion is the most social and they are the biggest cats in the park. Living in large prides, the lion family unit is dominated by the females, who do most of the hunting while also looking after the cubs.

You could not be at a better camp if spotting lions areyour goal. Satara is definitely the place to be.

Camp Accommodation

Satara is the Kruger Park’s third biggest rest camp and has every type of accommodation you could dream of. From the rustic sleeping arrangements of the tented campto the more comfortable and luxurious option of guesthouses, Satara has it all


Camping is one of the best ways to experience the rustic aesthetic of the park. Satara is well known for its exceptional camping grounds, with a 100 camping sites and places to park your caravan. The camp has a communal kitchen and ablution facilities and each campsitecan comfortably accommodate up to 6 guests. The site offer24 hour boiling water, washing up facilities and electric hotplates


Ideal for anyone not keen on camping, Satara has one of the biggest selections of bungalows. The more popular bungalows include the2 or 3bedunits of which there are 75. These bungalows include a bathroom and air conditioning, while a few of the units also include utensils. Guests using these bungalows will have access to a communal kitchen. The other bungalows available at Satara includea kitchen and a bathroom. There are 52 of these bungalows and they have 2 or 3 beds

For those who are looking for a little more comfort, there is one luxury bungalow equipped with 2 beds and a sleeper couch. This bungalow has an en-suite bathroom, a kitchen and air conditioning. The kitchen is open air and includes a microwave, a cooker plate and a braai area. You’ll also have access to a fridge/freezer, cooking utensils and all of the crockery and cutlery you’ll need

Finally, the camp has 19 bungalowswith 2 beds. These bungalows have the advantage of being up close to the camp fence which gives you the perfect opportunity to hear the wildlifewhile relaxing in bed. These bungalows have an en-suite bathroom and open air kitchens equipped with utensils,cutlery and crockery


Satara is the perfect camp for family holidays. The guest cottages are ideal for holidaying families and the 2 guest cottages available can accommodate between 5 and 6 people. With 1 cottage with sleeping space for 5people,and 9 units with sleeping space for 6 people, these cottages offer all of the creature comforts you could need. En-suite bathrooms, a kitchen with a gas stove and a fridge/freezer, a sink and all of the utensils you could need to cook up a storm, these cottages are ideal for bigger families

Guest Houses

While the guest cottages are more than just a little comfortable, the guest houses available at Satara are the most luxurious accommodation you can book. These large units are situated in the best locations of the camp and they are well equipped with all of the modern day conveniences. A fully equipped kitchen, a few bedrooms and private bathrooms are included in this accommodation. There is also limited access to DSTV television

There are 3 guest houses at Satara. The Wells Guest House sleeps 6, the Stanley sleeps 9 and the Frankel sleeps10guests.

Guests staying at the camp can enjoy access to the swimming pool and if they don’t feel like cooking, they can always visit the restaurant.

Satara is a really popular camp and each year it draws many first timevisitors as well as returning guests. The camp’s rustic aesthetic along with the variety of accommodation options makes it a must visit camp. During your travels through the park, be sure to spend some of your time here, even if it’s just for the night

Other Helpful Camp Information

Even when you are safely within the confines of the camp, you always need to be aware that you are surrounded by the wild. Satara is the perfect place to relax, but wild animals have been known to occasionally wander into the camp.

You will not be alone in your stay, instead,you’ll be sharing the space with all kinds of interesting creatures. And some of those creatures are kind of creepy! When walking anywhere in the camp, please always have shoes on. Spiders, snakes and scorpions are no strangers to the camp and they easily blend into the scenery. While they will never go out of their way to get under your feet, it’s best to rather not take a chance. When walking around at night, always have a torch with you. Do not walk out of your accommodation without a light

Please be aware that Satara, like the restof the Kruger National Park, is in a malaria zone. Malaria is a big concern all year round, and should you be visiting from outside of the area, please don’t take a chance. Most locals don’t take medication, but this is not a wise choice. Before you head to the park, we strongly advise that you visit your doctor and get the right medication. It can take a few weeks for the symptoms of malaria to become noticeable, and often you will already be home by the time you start feeling sick. For this reason, should you fall ill, tell your doctor you have been within a malaria zone. The illness can make you very sick and if left untreated, it can be fatal.

Satara’s climate is much like the rest of the park, although because the camp is to the north of the park, it can have hotter summers. Satara is in a summer rainfall region and so the summer days often end with a thunderstorm. The days are also very humid and the vegetation can be a little overgrown in summer. Low lying bridges can be flooded after heavy rain, and if you are on a self-drive safari, you should under no circumstances attempt to crossany flooded area. The winters in Satara are very mild, so you won’t need to pack all of your winter clothing. By midday, the temperatures will feel more like summer than winter, especially when you are in your car

Day visitors can find plenty to enjoy in the camp. Satara has both picnic spots and braai areas for day visitors, while guests can also have a meal at the restaurant. To reach the day visitor area, guests need to turn to the left when entering the gate.

Satara Gate Times:

The season duringwhich you visit the park will also have an effect on the camp times. For you own safety, and for the safety of other guests, it is very important to adhere to the strict gate times.

The Gate Times For Satara Are As Follows:

  • November to January: Camp gates open at 04:30 and close at 18:30
  • February to March: Camp gates open at 05:30 and close at 18:30 and 18:00
  • April to September: Camp gates open at 06:00 and close at 17:30
  • October: Camp gates open at 05:30 and close at 18:00

The camp times are ideal for giving you time to get out there early in the morning, while equally ideal for those who want to have a late afternoon drive. During these cooler hours of the day, you are more likely to spot animals. To get the most out of your Kruger Park safari, early morning and late afternoon drives are a must.

Camp Flora and Fauna

An evening spent relaxing at Satara is the perfect way to end any day in the park, but you won’t be spending your entire day in the camp. There is so much to see, and so much of it lies just beyond the gates. Because of the location of Satara, it won’t be long before you see all kinds of animals

Like many of the camps in the park, Satara is well wooded and some of the trees you can see here include marula and knob thorn trees. The fertile eccashales soil is the perfect place for sweet grass to grow and as a result, it has become the grazing spot for all kinds of herbivores. And because of all of the grazing animals, you can be sure that you are likely to see quite a few predators

Some ofthe animals you can spot close to Satara include waterbuck, zebra, rhino, buffalo, elephant, giraffe and blue wildebeest. Spotted hyenas and lions fill the air with their sounds all through the night along with the sounds of fruit bats and cicadas.

If you don’t want to spend yourdays driving, you can always book one of the wilderness trails available. Guided bush walks along with spending a day in one of the camp hides are great ways to spot animals and they will add a little variation to your safari

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